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A dryer is a need of every household; while it is a very useful appliance, it has some serious risks associated with it also. Facts state that almost 15,000 house fires every year are caused by the clothes dryer. And the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) acclaims that the primary reason for housefires initiating from dryer machines is due to failure to wipe off lint from the system. While dryer vent cleaning in Alpharetta is extremely important for safety, it is also recommended to regularly inspect the home dryer outlet for any impairments or misfunctioning. 


Some of the warning signs that indicate that the vents are clogged include: 

Unnecessary Lint

If lint is found on your clothes, the backside of your dryer machine, or in the door closure, it may be an alarming sign. It is the right time to get your vents cleaned.


If your dryer’s vents are blocked, it may be indicated by overworking or overheating your machine. Your dryer might get shut off while running, warning you to check its vents if they require cleaning.

Prolonged Dryer Times

The limited airflow leads to moisture trap within your dryer that may result in prolonged dryer times. It’s also a cautionary sign to get your dryer openings cleaned. 


Use a Dryer Cleaning Kit

When you purchase a dryer for your home, you must also consider buying a dryer cleaning kit. The kit is easily available in the market in affordable price ranges. Standard equipment may cost something less than $50, but premium varieties are also available in the market if you wish to spend more. In case any household has proper attachments, the vacuum cleaner may also help in vent scrubbing.

Switch Off the Dryer 

Before repairing an appliance, you must disconnect it from the power source as the current can be a source of danger for anyone. 

Move the Dryer to A Safe and Convenient Place 

Before you start cleaning the vent, you must place the dryer at a spacious, safe, and convenient place. Pulling it away from the room will help you easily access the vent. It would be best if you moved it as far as the hose allows. 

Isolate the Dryer Hose

Before you start the vent scrubbing process, you must detach any clamps or screws attached to the hose that fixes it to the dryer or wall. The toughness of this task mainly depends on the dimension of the hose and where it leads. 

Wash off the Moisture Sensors 

It would help if you use a cotton pad dipped in alcohol to rub the dryer hose’s moisture sensors. This practice must be done every time the dryer is cleaned or when the drying cycle takes more time than usual.

Scrub Clean the Hose

You may use the vacuum cleaner in your home to suck the lint out from both ends of the dryer hose. After this, you may use the special brush available in your dryer cleaning kit to clear any stuck lint. A wire hanger can be used to scoop out any debris that remains if required. Special care must be taken so that the hose is not damaged within the process. 

Refix the Hose  

Fix the hose back to its original place using any clamps or screws. Move the dryer around, positioning it against the wall.

Clear Out the Exterior Vent 

When the dryer hose is complete, the next step is to examine the exterior vent (fixed outside of the home). To clean the exterior vent, you must lift-off the vent cover and scrub any lint or debris blocking the pipe.

Run the Dryer Cycle 

Before you are finished, it is important to check the dryer functioning. So, for this, you need to reaffix the dryer to the power source and run the appliance empty for about 20 minutes (don’t forget to change the setting to air-dry). It will help you inspect the air and lint gusting out of the external vent. If the vent is clear, you should turn off the dryer and place the cover back in its original place. 

If the Problem Persists, Hire a Professional 

If you are a USA resident, and self-cleaning of the dryer outlets did not satisfy you. You must look for a professional or commercial dryer vent cleaning in Alpharetta. They have the expertise to identify the real problem (such as carbon monoxide accumulation or mold growth) that may be bothering you or suggest you replace your dryer. 


A clean dryer which is free from lint and debris will provide many benefits to the users. You will be saved from house fire hazards, enjoy better health, better appliance efficiency, and reduced energy bills. 

Most people understand that any excessive lint in the dryer vents can be a primary cause of a major fire explosion. You might be unaware that blocked ducts can adversely affect your home, health, and family in many other ways. By eliminating any blockage or lint accumulation from events, you can make your life safe and peaceful. You can lower your utility use and save big! 

Experts suggest that dryer escapes must be professionally or thoroughly cleaned one time a year to prevent fire hazards, health, and property risks. Better airflow means efficient laundry routines and time-saving! 

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